As Doctors@42 is a teaching practice we have a Registrar [6 months] at different intervals

Dr John Gates

Works Monday to Thursday

Dr Raja Wahab

Works Monday to Friday [Friday AM only]

Dr Noorwan Noordin

Works Monday to Friday (except for Tuesday)

Dr Cassandra Winton

Works Monday, Tuesday & Friday 

Practice Nurses

There are four practice nurses who job share:

  • Melissa Dunn- Working Mon/Tue/Thurs/Fri
  • Jacinta Baker- Working Wed/Thurs/Fri
  • Paula Mauvan- Working Mon/Tue/Wed
  • Mary Bleakley- Casual Work 
  • Sue Russell- Casual Work


Three receptionists job share:

  • Carol Davidson
  • Wendy Boyd
  • Adrianne Affleck

Practice Manager

Andreas Theodorou is the Practice Manager working most days.